Table view column sorting

After the update to the table view, I am unable to sort the columns where you clicked on the column heading to ascend or descend the contents of the column. I am also not able to select the default column of the table.

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Hey @tina, regarding the column sorting, we decided to remove that option for the time being since we were not happy with how it worked before. We’re working on improving and adding it again in the near future.

Regarding the second issue, could you please explain what you mean by ‘default column in a table’?

Thanks @Jovana.
The default column, is for example the data that shows in your calendar view. Previously I could choose which column of dates would be shown in my calendar by simply clicking on the column. Now i have to go to the calendar and change the column the dates are pulled from.

@tina, could you maybe send us a screenshot or a short video of your issue? I’m still struggling to understand which option you mean. :thinking:

Previously, I could click on “Arrival Date” and not only arrange it ascending or descending but it would also default to the dates in my calendar tab.
Now, I cannot organize the “Arrival Date” column except by manually arranging, and to change between the “arrival date” or the “inspection date” details showing in my calendar is by manual adjustment in the calendar settings.

Hey @tina, quick sorting is definitely a must in the Table View, and we’re going to bring it back very soon. We’re working on fixing some issues we had with that option previously.

Now, when it comes to the Calendar, the settings are a little different from other views. So, now you can choose which date in your item you want to see in the top-right corner as you can see in the screenshot below.

For example, here we have the Start and End Dates of certain tasks and we can choose to see only the Start Date, only the End Date or both. And then the calendar looks like this:

In your case, when you click on the Calendar tab, you will be able to choose if you want to see the Arrival Date or Inspection Date or both.

I hope that answers your question. If not, let me know if you want to jump on a quick 10-minute call with me or someone from my team so we can resolve this issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @Jovana. Will there be an option in the future for having different colors for different date ranges (arrival date vs. inspection date) on the calendar?

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That’s a great suggestion @tina. I can see how useful it would be in boards like yours (where there are several different types of dates). I’m adding it to our backlog.

Thanks for helping us make Infinity better! :blush:

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Will sorting come back for different views? Maybe even another tap besides Filter and grouped?


@coa same here. better to start a new topic?

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Sorting in one view should not affect sorting in another view!


Hey @knuthake,

Sorting is a must feature for a tool like Infinity.

Thus, we decided to speed up the process of defining and developing that specific feature.

However, I’m not really sure whether the certain Sort details will be tied to a single view, or a complete folder. I think that it could actually be tied to a single view, but let me check with our devs and get back to you.


Hi all, Hi @coa,
any news about Table View Sorting? :blush:

(In my opinion is better to apply sorting to the single view and not the folder, since a ‘view’ may be very different from the view you want in another one)

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Hey Francesca,

Sorting (for all views, not just Table) is scheduled for May. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for it! So excited.