Tabs export to CSV (not only Folders)

Hi all,

It will be great if we could export data to CSV from Tabs as well as we can from Folders

What do you think about it?

Hey @opranmarian,

Welcome to our CF!

Hmm. So Tabs are essentially the data from the folder (unless a lot of Filters and more configuration options are applied).

So exporting a whole folder might be okay for now?

However, I’ll add your suggestion to the queue :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Actually no. One of the important things to be able to do is export a select group of records. ie filter. I dont think this is a way to do this.

To expand on the export and filter question, is there a way to move a folder from one board to another? Or import the data from a CSV export of the board data into a new board within a different board? Essentially need to make the project that is in a separate board a project and tasks in another board.

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Hey @allison.gillespie, welcome to the community!

Currently there’s no way to move folders to board, but plan to make it soon.

Yes, you can export folder and import to a new folder in other board.