Tagging other users

Hi all, new to this platform. Is there a way to tag other users from our group so they get some type of notification? I’ve tried username and email address and can’t seem to tag anyone.
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi @AmbitionGroup.MrJohn :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :wink: :partying_face:

Yes, there is a way, as long as they are a member of that board (part of the board you are working in) you will be able to mention them and they will be notified about it.

In order to mention someone, you need to open up (expand) an item, click on the comments section and in the comments / text field and simply use @ to mention the user you want / need to. Once you type @ a list of members will appear you can click on their name and they will be mentioned.

Once the comment is posted, a person mentioned in it will be notified (top right corner inside infinity and an email notification as well).

You can also explore our automations, they can also help you with notifying people automatically when certain things change. (status of the task, dates get pushed or similar.)

Let us know if that works for you or if you have any other questions, we’ll be at your disposal!

Cheers :+1: