Task Managers Todoist and TickTick

Why these are great/important:

  • Very quick to add tasks
  • Natural language date parsing
  • Easy system for setting up reminders
  • Calendar views
  • Integration with other calendars bi-directional
  • Very important - Snooze function for notifications!

I believe the most important to bring into Infinity would be snooze function for reminders/notifications. That is a deal breaker for other apps like Trello where you can set a due date, but you can’t snooze. Think about if you get a notification while you are at dinner…you can’t do anything then, but unless you check your phone and leave the notification up you may forget. Why not just remind me again in a hour? So simple, but life changing.

Snooze is the #1 reason I do not use Trello for my personal task management.


Ha! Nice catch, @bagley.travis68

Thanks for putting up this one.

You’ve really got awesome ideas!

I’ve just added the ‘Snooze’ suggestion into the Feature Backlog.

But first, let’s see what our rockstar team of developers are preparing for the Notifications feature and worry about finesses later on. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing your two cents!