Team Comments on an Item


One thing that i think is really missing when it comes to the Items, is the ability for the team to have a discussion about the task in the form of leaving comments on it. Similar to Trello.

You probably want a button on every Item, like a chat bubble that symbolizes “Open Discussion” and a new window or sidebar would pop up that opens a simple comment based discussion. Like Trello but simpler. What do you guys think about a separate Item view like that anyways?


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Yes, you’re completely right.

Comments are in the plan, and they are going to be implemented in November.

Infinity will have comments on Items, and you’ll also have the option to see all comments in the folder and an Overview of comments ( like a comment dashboard )

Thanks for the suggestion.


As comments are implemented by now. Is there a view where I can see all comment from all items? If not this would be a feature request by me.

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@coa and this could be a new topic too.

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Highly considered!

Thanks, @knuthake

To add to this, and on the same topic, an icon that shows that there are comments on an item would be highly useful.


I see comment icons in the list and column view now. Thanks guys!

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Could you, please, habilitate the possibility share comments on folders? Thank you!

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Any plan to add comments bubbles on Tables and Calendar? Those are the main views we use.


Hey @yago,

We’ll try to fit them into the existing UI setup! :slight_smile:

It’s in the plans.

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