Team Inbox / Personal Inbox


this is just to open discussion (I copied most of it from the old feedback) but I’d like this feature implemented (I hope others do, too).

A place in Infinity where all ideas/tasks/notes land while doing brainstorming. Emails sent to Infinity (another feature request?) could go there too. From the Inbox they can fo to most appropriate cell (as tasks or reference material etc).

As you put it:

the problem is that we have a lot of stuff everywhere:

  • Inboxes

  • Notes & Docs everywhere

  • Images and files

  • Brainstorms

And since we’re multitasking, busy and want to be fast and productive through the day, we don’t have time to stop and think about sorting and organizing in a tool immediately.

If this way existed we could easily ‘log’ different stuff instantly and sort them later.

I think just a dedicated list (set as default list) availabe from everywhere would be enough but your idea, Infinity Team, is much more exciting:

  • Something like minimalistic Whiteboard/Editor/Log View where you can instantly copy/paste/create everything just by clicking Add -> ( Text, Task, File, Table, Links, Emails, etc… ).

  • Chrome plugin from which you can add stuff from web like bookmarks, text, videos, etc…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say :slight_smile:


I hate it to post under my own post but I think it got buried down and I’d like to see if any other members have something to add in this regard :slight_smile:


I think it is a very good idea! In my opinion it should be a personal/private* box and I really support your suggestion to have it available everywhere around infinity. This kind of availability is a must.

Maybe there also can be (public*) team boxes and board boxes. These can have the same purposes or can be used as a “how to”, “rules of use”, “official guidelines” section (like we have in Discours / this community).

  • or with a system of granting permissions.

Good thinking @man!

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Hey guys, @man, @ton,

I like the way you think.

Me, personally: I also like to have a quick ‘box’ or simply a place which I can open quickly and just start writing down all kinds of stuff. That’s what Sublime serves for, in my personal case.

Luckily, we at Infinity are planning to create a ‘Notes’ view, which will (hopefully) replace Sublime (or Apple Notes ex.). It would be very convenient to have a feature of that kind in Infinity, right? :slight_smile:

As long as the notes are a kind of task oriented or item oriented and you can drag and drop them into a list.


Would love to have this feature.