Team members boards expiring

Hi There,

I have added multiple people on to our business plan, however when they create their own boards they seem to go into trial mode with many of them expiring and then they are unable to use them.

Could you direct me to a way to migrate these so that all of my teams boards come under our plan.

Many thanks


Subscriptions apply to the Workspaces

Have they created the boards under a paid Workspace?

Hi There,

Yes it seems unfortunately that these were created on a personal workspace as they hadnt realised this was an issue. Is there a way we can either extend the trail so that they can export the data or move the board onto the correct workspace.



You should be able to move boards between workspaces if you have the board creation/deletion rights on the respective workspaces. Just a matter of drag and drop.

Not sure if they can still add you as an admin on those expired workspaces. They will probably need to complete the operation themselves.

So create a workspace that you want those boards to reside in. Give them the rights to the workspace. Then have them do the migration.

Hello @darren.smith, that’s a bit of an issue, but don’t worry as we can help you fix it. :slight_smile:

Could you please reach out to us via chat when you have a minute so we can get more information and help you transfer these workspaces to you. Basically, we will just need the confirmation from these users that they agree to move the workspaces to your ownership and we’ll need your email address.

Unfortunately, @j11’s idea will not work as moving the boards to other workspaces is only possible if you are the owner of all the workspaces included in the transfer. But we can help you do this on our end.

Jovana, I’m having the same issue. I have two boards in the trial that expired that we put a great deal of time into, is there a way to move them over to my subscribed WorkSpace?

Hello @ron.borden, I just replied on another topic as well.

Since you needed the solution urgently, I took the liberty to look for your workspace ID in our database and I have just extended your trial on that workspace for 5 days. I hope this will be enough time to help you move the boards to your subscribed workspace. :slight_smile: