Template Ideas - to Help get the Creative Juices Flowing

Who would be willing to share their Infinity folder / table ideas? It’s so much easier to see what can be done with something when you have the chance to see what someone else has done. In other words - how you make everything work together. What you have found to be best practices. Examples of your favorite ‘templates’ you’ve created, etc.

Hello @tiffany, what an excellent idea!

We’d also love to see how people have organized their work and what templates they’ve created! So we encourage everyone to share some ideas.

Of course, if you need help from us, we are here for you. :slight_smile:

I would love to see a forum category for this :smiley: One thread = one idea/template/case use.

I’ve started using Infinity for writing novels, which I think is pretty outside-the-box. I never thought I needed a project management tool for this but it works brilliantly! It has completely changed how I work.

I posted about it on the Infinity Facebook group a few days ago. Here are some of the things I do:

  1. Tracking Plot Lines

In stories with many characters and subplots it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your own work. I use Infinity to track individual plot lines by listing every scene and labeling them with the characters who are in it. I can then filter items by character to see a linear list of events without scrolling through an entire manuscript or outline cluttered with non-relevant scenes.

  1. Outlining

Outlining is crucial when writing a book. I used to simply write a list, but that involves a lot of copy-paste and scrolling when the outline changes and grows. Now I can simply drag and drop items and use a “short text” attribute to summarize each scene in a sentence for easy memory, and a “long text” attribute to write individual scenes on the go, to add to the script later.

  1. Beta Reader Feedback

I used to collect and track feedback and changes I needed to make in Trello. Infinity is so much better for this! The table view in particular, when grouping feedback and changes into “might do”, “to do”, “done” and “deleted” (for changes that I considered implementing but then decided against). I have around 70 items on this list for my current novel and Infinity handles it beautifully.

  1. Character Database

I used to have summaries of characters in Evernote. Evernote is still better for long text, which these summaries tend to be, but because I have everything else (except the actual script) in Infinity the tab is always open, and I’ve now moved all my character summaries to Infinity items. This also gives me an automatic shortlist for when I need to remember individual character names, by simply viewing them as a list.

All of the above are things I never imagined I’d use Infinity for, but now I can’t imagine working any other way. Has anyone else had similar experiences?


I would love a forum category for this as well!

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