Templates (discussion)

(I thought it was here before but Couldn’t find it.)

We have board templates but what about creating custom (generated by user templates). I know you have it in your backlog but let’s have a discussion here so more people can share their ideas.

I’d like to see the ability to make custom templates for:

  • boards
  • folders
  • items
  • labels
  • checklists
  • long texts

And I think there should be the ability to have to types of templates: fixed and global

  • fixed templates are set in stone: you create it, use it to make new items/custom fields/etc and when you change the template, the things created with them do not change
  • global templates: when you edit master template, “childs” innherit the changes (something like current situations with labels)

I can see that implementing and using them can be tricky and that’s why so few apps offer them (successfully).

What are you takes on that?


Hey there @man

Thanks for taking the time to start a new discussion on our Community Forum :slight_smile:

Custom templates are awesome suggestion! I think that would help Infinity members very much when it comes to creating a new workflow. I’ve just checked: that specific feature is in our backlog of features to be implemented :slight_smile: I’ll talk this through with the rest of the team, and get back to you with more information and some ETAs hopefully!

Regarding ‘fixed’ and ‘global’ templates: What an awesome suggestion! I agree that it might be a bit complicated to develop and implement, but we’ll try to brainstorm and analyze the logic behind it.

Thank you again for the awesome suggestion! I’ll get back to you with an update about this specific topic. :slight_smile:


Any updates to this? It seems to be a key missing feature.

Even if we just have the ability to duplicate boards for now, that would let us make a Template Board that we can duplicate as needed.



Hey @dave.wood, thanks for the reminder to update this discussion!

Duplicating boards will be possible by the end of this month. You can use that as a temporary solution before we implement custom templates. Currently, our dev team is working on other essential features (like Notifications, Gantt Chart and Activity Log), but custom templates are in our backlog planned to happen in the near future.

Best regards!

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Thanks for the update @Jovana.

Will it also be possible to move boards between workspaces? The way I envisioned setting up the system was to have a workspace for template boards, that I’d duplicate and move into a proper workspace based on project type/team etc.

Thanks again.

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No problem, @dave.wood!

Yes, it will also be possible to duplicate/move a board across workspaces. You can expect this feature by March 1st. :slight_smile:


Is the Duplicate Board feature available yet? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

FYI the impovements/bug fixes have been great so far. Keep it up and this could very well be much better than Trello.

@brandonc Hey!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

Sadly, duplicating or moving board across workspaces is still not available in Infinity :slightly_frowning_face: But we’re not giving up! The ETA for that would be mid-April :slight_smile:

However, we’ve released Duplicate Folder and View in the latest release (1.4) last week. Have you maybe had some time to check it out?

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Are you still on track to implement this feature by mid-April or what’s the current estimate?! Thanks a lot.

Hey @sammathis,

We’ve had a couple of glitches, but they’re being fixed as we speak and should be published this week. :slight_smile:


Hey @coa, Hey @Jovana,
Doing great with the app ! thanks !
Any news about the feature to move boards between workspaces ?

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@matthieu.rouvin, thanks for the kind words!

We’re hoping to see the feature to move boards between workspaces in May. (We’re hoping somewhere between 17th and 24th of May. :slight_smile:

Any news on this one? I’m still not able to use the templates. Thanks a lot!!

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Hey @sammathis,

How about now? :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s working if you create a new view within a board. If I try to select a template following the Templates URL (https://startinfinity.com/templates) I still have to login and then nothing happens. Would be nice to get an option to which board the template should be added.

Yeah, it’s a bug we’re just about to fix. :slight_smile:

You’ll have that option.

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