Text Wrap in Columns


Make an option to wrap the text in a column so you don’t have to widen it in order to read all the text.



Hi @rachel, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

This has been suggested to us a couple of times so we are definitely considering it. I also encourage you to take a look at our Public Roadmap and vote for this feature (It’s currently in the Community’s Voice) and others you deem important. We’re taking votes very seriously and adjusting our plans based on what our community is voting for and suggesting. :slight_smile:




I second this one for sure! There is always the “Long Text” attribute. This is definitly a work around for certain types of columns such as “Notes”, but it’s annoying that you have to click it to see it and then click off of it to get it to close back, so yes, it would be nice if any cell would have the option to wrap the text. I don’t think it should be automatic because sometimes notes can get quite lengthy (at least for us) and that might be a cell that we just want to keep as “Long Text” so we don’t end up with a huge cell. I would really LOVE the option to have the column headings wrap for sure as there have been sometimes i had to make the column wider but only for the heading!



Aiy! Mid-August 2021 and still no Text Wrap capability. :scream: Some day, surely…