Th automation is not worrking


acctually, I created the Autoamtion , I worked so smooth. But rightnow, I don’t know why It do not work! Please help me!



Hi there @jackbui90 :wave:

We did have a few hiccups with our automations yesterday and some this morning, but that should be sorted out by now :thinking:

Could you tell us if you are still experiencing those issues, If you are experiencing them, could you describe those issues to us:

  1. Notifications do not trigger?
  2. Is it a specific automation only?
  3. Notifications aren’t coming your way?
  4. Nothing seems to change?

Feel free to elaborate a bit more and we’ll make sure to help you out :+1:

Thank you!



I have a problem with automation too. Generally, it’s working, however not in every case. Sometimes I see a notification that the trigger was fired, but the defined action is not applied. I noticed that issue for labels changing.



Hi @nicol503 :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are happy to see you here :slight_smile:

Regarding the issue you are experiencing, would you be able to reach out to us via live chat support, we’ll be able to help you there much faster and hopefully sort out the issue you are experiencing :pray:

Chat bubble is located in the bottom right side of your screen:


Thank you!