The ability to color a column so it stands out

I would love to be able to highlight any chosen column. I have to check every day to see if any updates are due. I have a lot of columns and the column for the due dates is not in the front of the sheet (because there is other much more important info that we need to see first). it would be nice if i could highlight like you can in Excel and direct my attention immediately to that column.

It would also be nice to use a formula to highlight a cell with a date in it if it is that date or after.

hey @BrandiMills97!

a great suggestion, indeed.

such UX/UI improvements are definitely planned and will add a huge spark of creativity and intuitiveness into our software. :slight_smile:

the plan was to first, add a feature that would allow you to ‘pin columns’, and then we’d eventually improve towards this matter.


that’s great! another note is that as far as I have seen, Airtable doesn’t have the feature to highlight a cell that is a due date if it’s that date or after. What they DO have is the ability to create a column just for an icon or emoji that appears on the day it is due. This is actually not as ideal as highlighting the cell. you have to add another column for that, which i don’t like and it’s really not as visible as I would like. I’m hoping for the “highlight the cell” option for Infinity! Not sure how that could be accomplished but it would be awesome.


This is a fantastic suggestion! A huge +one for it.