The ability to link to another record

or is there a way to to this??

I am speaking of a feature that Airtable has. For example, I have a table for “Contractors” that is just a list of other contractors that we subcontract for and their contact info. I have another table for basic information on jobs. I have a column in that table for “Contractor”. We often do work for the same contractors over and over so its nice that I can add the contractor to my “Contractors” table. Then when we get a job for that contractor and I’m filling out the table with info for that job, when i get to the “Contractor” field, I just start typing the name and if it’s in my contractors table, options pop up (that start with whichever letters I am typing in) for me to choose.

hey @BrandiMills97,

sure thing! you can do this in Infinity.

just create a ‘reference’ attribute in the process of creating new attributes.

how reference works in this case is pull data from one folder and displays it in another. Here’s an example of how that can look:

for example, in a Table view, you’d be able to see it as a new column with an empty field.

as I’ve mentioned, click on the empty field (or if you’re using other views, click on an item to expand it — open a modal or a sidebar, find that Reference attribute) and you’ll see an option to search for an item.

then, just type the name of the item which you want to link/merge with an original item.

make sure that your Reference attribute is showing in the View, by clicking on the ‘Customize’ feature. :slight_smile:

What I would suggest you to do is open a CRM template and get familiar with how the reference attribute works.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

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