There should be an option for the user to select if the week on calendars starts on Sunday or Monday

When we have an attribute for “Date” and we click on that field to select a date, a calendar pop’s-up with the weeks starting on Sunday. This makes sense for some countries (like the United States or Canada), but not for others (like most of Europe).
For people who live in countries where the week oficially starts on Monday, it’s weird and confusing to look at calendars starting on Sunday.
So, as it happens for example with any operating system, it’s important to have on the global settings of Infinity, a place where the user can decide how he/she would like to see the calendar, and this option would be consistent in every calendars across Infinity.

I absolutely agree (and I’m in the US). I have only used Monday start planner and calendar views for years. Monday start is essential for my business operations and integration of personal and professional domains.

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Hi @joao.jesus and @leadistics :wave:

I agree with you guys, this is one small feature that should be introduced to Infinity. Since we introduced time zones, we could also introduce when your week should start Monday / Sunday or any other day :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll make sure to do my best when it comes to this feature, I’ll increase its importance, I’ll mention one of our devs and see if this could be something we can start working on in the near future!

Thank you both ( @joao.jesus and @leadistics ) for this, we really appreciate it! :+1: