Thread for all bugs I find

This will be a post for bugs I find, instead of constantly making new threads of bugs I find, I’ll have this thread for myself.

First bug I noticed is that for the “stages” part, I can only add one “Label” so for example, I have TO-DO as a label. However I can’t create a new row for another “To do”. I want to have two stages of “To Do” but it wont let me, if I select to do again as a stage level, it doesn’t actually add another to do column. I have attached a image to show you what I mean. Check the column that says “testing” to understand what I mean. It doesn’t have “To do” at the top to label the column, it’s blank.

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Hi there - I would recommend creating a thread per bug you find so that comments and answers can remain specific to a single bug :slight_smile:

Regarding the bug you’ve reported, am I correct in understanding that you want two “To Do” labels for the “Stage” attribute? If so, I was able to achieve this by clicking on an item and creating a new attribute (option at the top of the pop-up once you click on an existing item).

Here’s how it looks after creation:


ok perfect. Yes I managed to create this new label and have it show. Thank you. Just seemed complicated but all figured out now.

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Yep, took me a while to figure it out too haha. Glad it worked for you!

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