Thumbnail Display

Hi, I’m wondering about th following:

When I upload images into a Attachment field, they uplod and then I see a small thumbnail displayed of the image. That is what I would expect.

When I close and later open again that same base, the thumbnails are gone and instead I will just see a little square with “jpg” or “png” written in it.

Why is that? How can I prevent that from happening?

Hey @scholvien!

Hope you’re doing well!

We’ve changed this functionality roughly a week ago.

It was necessary for us to ‘kill’ the small preview of images, as I believe that impacted the performances + migration process (new infrastructure).

The way of previewing attachments is going to be a temporary switch, just until we stabilize things on that field. I’m hoping for 1-2 months.

How is the migration going? Its been more than 2 months and this thumbnail thing is sorry to say, quite annoying.

Hey @derrickmg.admim, we’re still working on figuring out how to get them back without impacting performances.

Is there any news on this topic?

  1. Missing thumbnails is difficult to work with when there are a lot of images in a cell.
  2. When I clickon one and then want to browse through the images, the loading of the images is very, very slow. Not sure what is the reason for it.

So neither do we see thumbnails, nor is the loading of images functioning at a normal speed.

How about not displaying all images a. I remember in the beginning when thumbnails were still there, even when I would add a lot of images, say 20, into a cell, then Infinity displayed all of them.

How about limiting that? I mean show not more than 5 thumbnails for a cell (or whatever number) and only if you click on an image you will see all of them. Maybe a popup ala airtable.

Hello @scholvien! Thanks for the ideas, I’ll make sure to forward them to our dev team.

We have actually prioritized bringing image thumbnails back recently and we’re planning to start working on it soon. The only problem is, this issue is still impacting our performance which is why our CTO Damir will need to work on this and find the best solution to bring this functionality back.

He is currently working on another priority, but as soon as that is completed, he will focus on this.