Time/Date Dependencies


When planning out a project using specific dates, it would be great to be able to set time dependencies between tasks, so I don´t have to change every single task by hand.
For example:
Task 2 should be finished one week after Task 1 is finished. When Task 1 is delayed/finished-early the deadline for Task 2 should be adjusted automatically. (as all other connected tasks should be)



Hey @micck,

Thanks for your input.

We hope to see this with the Automation feature (which would allow dependencies between all attributes/fields) this summer. :slight_smile:

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Did task dependencies ever get implemented? In other words, I want to create a task that is dependent on another task to finish before it starts. If the predecessor task runs over, it should automatically push dependent tasks back.

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Hey @allen,

Task dependencies in such logic haven’t been implemented.

We’re hoping to include that feature alongside Reminder in Q2 2020. :slight_smile: