Time/Date Dependencies

When planning out a project using specific dates, it would be great to be able to set time dependencies between tasks, so I don´t have to change every single task by hand.
For example:
Task 2 should be finished one week after Task 1 is finished. When Task 1 is delayed/finished-early the deadline for Task 2 should be adjusted automatically. (as all other connected tasks should be)

Hey @micck,

Thanks for your input.

We hope to see this with the Automation feature (which would allow dependencies between all attributes/fields) this summer. :slight_smile:


Did task dependencies ever get implemented? In other words, I want to create a task that is dependent on another task to finish before it starts. If the predecessor task runs over, it should automatically push dependent tasks back.


Hey @allen,

Task dependencies in such logic haven’t been implemented.

We’re hoping to include that feature alongside Reminder in Q2 2020. :slight_smile:


In project management there are four types of dependencies can be considered.

  • Start to Start (before successor can start, the predecessor must start)
  • Start to Finish (before successor can finish, the predecessor must start)
  • Finish to Finish (before successor can finish, the predecessor must finish)
  • Finish to Start (before successor can start, the predecessor must finish)

While basics are in perfectly right place with the tool, the automation and hopefully the dependencies are part of it, will give the tool a great lead to be used with project management.


Whats the progress on dependencies?? Its the end of Q2 2020…

Hello @Matt_Beatt, welcome to the community!

Although our initial idea was to include dependencies in our plans for this year, we ultimately decided it won’t be possible. If you look at our public roadmap, you will notice we already have a ton of features and functionalities planned - some as bigger priorities and some that will have to wait for a bit longer, but we do plan to implement all the things you see in our Roadmap folder eventually.

If you go to the Community’s Voice, you will notice that task dependencies are a very popular feature among our community (I also invite you to vote for it there), but it’s currently not officially on our roadmap. However, we do visit Community’s Voice regularly and check the most popular features and what we can add to the roadmap, so this is not to say that dependencies won’t find their place in the roadmap very soon. :slight_smile: