Time difference

I made for me some automation: when i create a task, it automaticly set up date and time “start date” for 1 minut after that (i can’t set up it for sharp now time) and +1h to due time.

Then i make my work, and change due time to real time.

And now i want to calculate real difference betwen due time and start time and put in on other attribue “number” (decimal)
How to make it works?

Hi Koshi,

I am afraid we would need a bit more info regarding this, it might be the best to reach out to us via support so that our team can get all the necessary details and see how to help you.

When it comes to calculating the real difference between due time and start time - our automations cannot help you in that case - only our formulas (to a certain degree), number of days between those two dates for example.

Cheers :v: