Time Tracking Native


I have voted and waiting for this.
I wanted to create a topic because I really need this to keep track (easily) of my colleagues’ work.



Hello @spatel1981 and welcome to the community!

Thanks for creating this topic and for voting on this feature on our roadmap.

To give you some input on this feature - native time tracking is still not on our roadmap officially because we have a lot of other priorities at the moment (I’m sure you’ve noticed our roadmap is pretty packed :slight_smile: ). So my guess is that this will have to wait for next year until we finish some major priorities like automations, formulas, multiple select, an others that are already on the list.

Until then, have you tried our Clockify integration?



any update on the native time tracking?
Clockify is not working out for us, it can not be added as an attribute, and doesn’t work on the desktop app