Time tracking support


We currently use Everhour tracking on Trello.
This Infinity looks promising. Only feature that seems to be missing is time tracking integrations.

It does not have to be Ever hour but I would love to see how much time I spent on a task and on a project.


Hey @alan.aasmaa and welcome to Infinity Community Forum :smile:

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, and for the kind words about Infinity.

Yes, Time Tracking feature will be available in Infinity, but we’re looking for an exact solution on how to implement it in our software.

Pomodoro Tracker, Everhour or maybe even Tomato Tracker: We’ll see. But definitely in our roadmap of features/integrations to make.

Thanks again, man! :raised_hands:



Awesome, but native time tracking would provide the most benefits, particularly for the Use Case of a professional services firm. The main reason is the ability to report against data already in the native tool. When you export the data to a 3rd part time tracking tool, you always lose some level of correlation / reporting / aggregation of the data that turns out to be crucial for reporting internally or to a client. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to support One-to-Many relationships of multiple time entries that can be entered for multiple people on any one task. Everything else can be added or adjusted over time from there.


We use Harvest to track time and have that quite nicely integrated into Trello. Although I agree with @matto about the loss of correlation I think trying to do good time tracking and invoicing and payment tracking and so on all of which Harvest does nicely would be way out of scope for Infinity. So I think to third party integrations will be very important if Infinity wants to steal professional clients from Trello.


I’d very much love to see native, per-card, time tracking support, as seen in Ora.pm. It could simply be a card “attribute” that gets added which would include an “estimated time” field and a time tracker with Play and Stop, and manual entry. Reporting would be great as well, with views like actual vs estimated time, total time per user, total time per project, total time per folder, etc. etc.


I would support native time tracking. Maybe just start simple with a start/stop and additional manual entry.


We’re thinking about native time tracking, as well :slight_smile: (maybe somewhere in June)

However, once we collect the feedback about that, we might create a poll whether we should build a simple time tracker of our own :slight_smile:


I am definitely biased, however, having used more than three dozen time tracking apps in my career, I can definitively say that Clockify is one of, if not the best, time tracking apps available. If you are looking for a time tracking feature please consider upvoting this thread: Clockify Integration for Time Tracking.

The most significant issue with proprietary or in-built tracking tools are that they can only be used when a user is in that tool. No one I know uses a single productivity tool. The benefit of something like Clockify is that it works across multiple apps/tools. I can track my time in just about every app I use (other than Infinity and Milanote) and even base my tool choices to some degree on Clockify integration.


I am trying out the Clockify tracking, however, I am not able to add an attribute to a projects table to quickly see how much time I spend on individual projects. Also, I use Infinity as a desktop app, using Clockify means I have to have Infinity and Clockify open in Chrome and be logged in, cause there is no sight of the time tracker on the desktop app.
So I am looking forward to a native time tracker which can be used as an attribute in a table


A native time tracker really would be a game changer since it also would perfectly fit to the custom attribute possibilities of Infinity. This missing option (native time tracking) is one of the biggest points why I’m not able to switch from Trello to Infinity. Please please please add a custom time tracking attribute :star_struck: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Hey Infinity team
This thread is 3 years old now and still no native time tracker.
Please can we have this, I would love to not use Clockify.
Screen capture would be nice too.