Would love integration with TimeDoctor and Hubstaff for time tracking, taking screenshots for monitoring employees/VAs.


Best if in future Infinity will have own extension/app that our VAs and employees can use and we can track their time, screenshot, activity, apps used, websites. Will definitely make Infinity standout from competition. Some cheaper alternatives for Hubstaff and TimeDoctor are: Hive Desk, Monitask, Remote Camp, Staff Timer App.

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We use TimeDoctor and it is mainly to hold some of our staff accountable - aka they know we are watching. So, unless Infinity can take screen shots, etc the internal timing is not a replacement for TimeDoctor. So, I would be more in favor of a direct integration but it is definitely NOT a priority.

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Hey guys, @vmv_777 @Vito @denny,

I’ll definitely put a Time Doctor in the ‘Native integrations’ folder of suggestions.

Just like Denny, said: it might not be a priority right now, and when it comes to the native integrations (once we release our API), we’ll do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible. But maybe focusing on GDrive/Google Calendar and so on would be better. We’ll see :slight_smile: \

Thanks all for your input.


I agree, Google Calendar, G-drive, pCloud and UserBack is a must have so do them first!!!