To do list Cross Boards

Hi, is there an option to create a view with my to-do list that controls over all my boards?
I would like to create a list where each employee sees all the things assigned to them.

Hi @william welcome to the community, happy to see you here :wave:

Unfortunately that is not possible, each board is a separate entity and works and acts on its own, however - in the future we’ll have a “workspace overview” feature that will allow you to see all your tasks from all your boards in one workspace.

For now, you can go into each individual board, use the board overview (which will show you items from all the folders within that one board), and create separate tabs for each and every employee, in each tab you can then filter out tasks for that specific member/collaborator/employee. Click on filter option, select “members” attribute and then select a specific member - once you do that you’ll filter all the items/tasks/projects assigned to that specific member.

Here’s a little video of it:

Hopefully that helps!

I would also like to mention that we do have a 24/7 live chat support, it might be a much quicker and easier way to get help, so if you want - feel free to contact us there (click on the bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen while in infinity) as well and one of our colleagues will help you and answer any questions that you might have :slight_smile:

Thank you Marko for your suggestions


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The 24/7 chat support is excellent, I recommend it if you need extra help.

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