Tooltips on hover

When you hover over something, there should be tooltips explaining what it does.

e.g. the icons in the upper-right of an open card -

Besides the upper-right corner of the open right-side panel (open card) that @micheal referred to, we need in these places:

~ For folder names in the Folder Structure Panel:

We especially need tooltips when hovering over folder names that cut off as we narrow the panel.

~ For Workspace and Board names in My Dashboard panel (that opens when clicking “Boards”):

We need them when hovering over Workspace and Board names that cut off because they are too long to display fully within the width of the panel.

~ For Columns view of each Board’s Overview view, and for Columns view of each parent folder’s Overview view:

In Columns view of these Overview views with Group by Source Folder enabled, we need them when hovering over the names of the Source Folder columns with names cut off by the width of the column.

It’s very important to have them in these Overview scenarios to take full advantage of the new “move items between grouped source folders” feature. If the full name of a Source Folder isn’t visible at the top of a column, it’s not always clear whether the item being moved is going into the intended folder. Especially since it’s not uncommon to have some folders where the first part of the title is similar and visible, but the second part of the title that is distinct is not visible because it’s cut off by the width of the column.


@micheal, @chrish, thanks, guys!

I find your suggestions on point. We have something similar in the new ‘folder settings’/creation panel when you hover over attributes.

I think we can implement a similar solution to other features, as well. :slight_smile: It’s in the suggestion log.

Thanks. Cheers!

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Thanks. Looking forward to it… we really need this!

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Yeah, tooltips basically need to be everywhere. I’m sure it will help with far fewer support emails, too. You could even include tooltips in the Customize feature that explains how the feature is used (e.g. drag items to sort). A toggle to turn tooltips on and off would be great, too. Like the Intercom toggle.



Just checking in about an ETA for tooltips… at a minimum we really need them for folder names in the Folder Structure Panel.

I know you all have a lot on your plate, but I’m hoping implementing the tooltips for folder names is light enough to get done soon.

It’s been a few months and the tooltips aren’t in yet, so I’m following up again to find out if there’s a realistic eta for them being added in couple of places.

The two extremely important places where IMO they’re sorely needed as soon as possible are:

  1. The folder structure panel view - Folders with long names are cutoff in the folder structure panel view when it’s narrowed (which is often done to increase the viewing area of a folder’s items on laptops)

  2. The right-side bar - Attributes with long names are cutoff in the right-side bar’s attributes view.

These respective views are key places where it would really help us to have the ability to see the full names of all folders and attributes, regardless of their length. As it is now, only the names of folders with names short enough to do so, display in full when the folder structure panel is narrowed, and only the names of attributes with names short enough to do so, display in full in the attributes view of the right-side bar.

When using the folder structure panel, it is extremely tedious to constantly expand it just to see the full names of folders with long names. The only workaround is to make sure all of the folders’ names are short enough to display in full when the panel is narrow, which is very limiting and impractical.

In the right-side panel, the display column for the attributes’ names is static, so it’s not even possible to expand it to display the longer names in full. In fact, no matter how much we widen the the panel itself, attributes with long names are still cutoff. Again, the only workaround is to create attribute names short enough to display in full within the allotted space, which is also very limiting and impractical.

My experience is that the lack of tooltips for long names in the folder structure panel is significantly disruptive to work flow when using Infinity because of the tedium of constantly needing to expand the panel to see the full names of folders.

My experience of the attributes’ names display in the right-side panel is even more frustrating because I’ve created many different use-specific attribute names that span a variety of folders, boards and workspaces. If a name is long, the whole name isn’t always apparent from the cutoff portion that is displayed in the narrow space of the attributes’ names column. Additionally, when the first part of long names of multiple attributes are similar and visible, but the rest of their names that are distinct are cutoff and not visible, it’s maddening (different attributes with long names appear the same). Yet, it’s not practical - and takes too much mental energy that’s best used elsewhere - to remember the full long name of every attribute in use in every place.

One of the beautiful things about and joys of using Infinity is that we can create a seemingly infinite variety of specific use-case attributes to suit our needs and workflow as we deem fit, and name them whatever we want. However, as we move swiftly through the right-side panels from item to item, folder to folder, board to board and workspace to workspace, the fact that we can’t simply mouse over attributes with long names to see them display in full via tooltips, damn near kills the joy and wonder of being able to name attributes as we choose for their use-case and our work flow!

Users who only - or mostly - work on larger desktop screens where they benefit from larger screen real estate probably don’t notice this at all or as much (even though this would only benefit the expandable folder structure panel, but not the fixed column display of attributes’s names in the right-side panel). I work on a 15" laptop, so I need to make the most of available screen space. To that end, tooltips in these two places would make a huge difference in making the user experience and work flow in Infinity much less tedious, clunky and time consuming.

I appreciate all the development thus far and I love using Infinity. I know the team is swamped, but I’m hopeful that implementing tool tips in these two critical locations isn’t too complicated to do soon. I’m not a developer so I don’t know and it’s quite possible I’m wrong, but I have an uneducated hunch that they aren’t that difficult.

I’m sincerely attempting to make the best case for them. Perhaps other users will weigh in with their thoughts and up-votes. It’s hard to imagine that no other users have noticed the need for them in these places.


Hey @chrish!

First of all, thank you for the detailed feedback! And of course, for your professional, helpful and motivating attitude. :slight_smile: We enjoy having you as a part of a community.

I agree with you that tooltips are very important, and maybe even essential. The way you’ve explained their use case will be super helpful to our team developing it. :slight_smile:

It seems like it’s impossible to give any ETAs these days with everything ongoing - huge LTD campaign and features such as Gantt, Forms, Advanced Permissions, Public Boards.

What I can do is to promise that once one of these big features are done, I can push the hell out of our product team to put Tooltips as a priority. My guess that we’ll finish at least one (or even all, in a single release) these bigger features between November 15 and 25. Then it’s on me to creep the hell out of our developers to build Tooltips. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to do that, and update you with a more realistic plan.

Again: Thank you very much for everything!



Thanks for your response and being so receptive. I understand. Looking forward to all that’s coming!



I’m going to offer one more piece and share this granular example of the problem with there being no tooltips for long attribute names in the right-side panel’s attribute view.

I was just setting up multiple attributes in the right-side panels of many items in a number of folders on my “Goals Tracking” board. In this example I encountered the problem when adding and reordering these 4 attributes among others:

Attribute’s Name Displays As / (Attribute’s Full Name)

Moved Back… / (Moved Back To)

Date of Wee… / (Date of Week Moved Back To)

Moved Back… / (Moved Back From)

Date of Wee… / (Date of Week Moved Back From)

Since only the first part of the names display, which are similar and there aren’t tooltips to show their full name, the only way of being assured I’m placing the attribute where I intend to in the overall arrangement of attributes is to:

  1. Click the attribute’s drop-down menu
  2. Click “Edit attribute settings”
  3. View the attribute’s full name
  4. Click “Cancel”
  5. Move the attribute to the intended position
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to make sure I put it where intended
  7. Finally, after moving all the attributes with long names, repeat steps 1-4 again to make sure they’re all in the intended relationship to each other and the other attributes.

What should be a quick process of simply dragging and dropping 4 attributes to reorder them becomes an unavoidable tedious, clunky and time consuming endeavor. While this is only one use-case scenario, it’s not extraordinary and varying degrees of it occurring are inevitable. Perhaps some may think it’s no big deal, but to put it bluntly it’s a PITA and it significantly disrupts work flow.

If reordering the attributes in “Customize” also reordered them the same way in the right-side panel, it would be easier to arrange long named attributes there - though it wouldn’t alleviate the fundamental need for tooltips. Personally, I like that we can reorder attributes in the right-side panel independent of how Customize reorders them in the coinciding Table and List views. [[A side thought: add a setting that allows users to choose whether show/hide or reorder of attributes in Customize affects their display and arrangement in right-side panel, or by default to keep show/hide reorder of attributes in Customize independent of their display and arrangement in right-side panel. This would be a nice bit of granular control users would appreciate!]]

I understand the pressing dynamics of prioritizing Infinity’s continued development; I think most users probably do. I’m of the opinion that the team is doing a great job and I’m not seeking further explanation about where they are with it.

However, as made apparent by my previous post, I’ve encountered this more than a few times. Since it came up so soon after reviving the conversation about the need for tooltips, I decided to put a finer point on it by sharing this most recent experience as a concrete illustration of why they are such a necessary and essential addition to the right-side panel’s attributes view.




A big thanks for the excellent solution the team implemented for displaying attribute’s full names in the right modal! The use-case solution they came up with is actually better than tooltips!

Since the team is so much further along with development milestones, are we any closer to getting tooltips for long folder names in the Folder Structure Panel?

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