Tooltips on hover


When you hover over something, there should be tooltips explaining what it does.

e.g. the icons in the upper-right of an open card -



Besides the upper-right corner of the open right-side panel (open card) that @micheal referred to, we need in these places:

~ For folder names in the Folder Structure Panel:

We especially need tooltips when hovering over folder names that cut off as we narrow the panel.

~ For Workspace and Board names in My Dashboard panel (that opens when clicking “Boards”):

We need them when hovering over Workspace and Board names that cut off because they are too long to display fully within the width of the panel.

~ For Columns view of each Board’s Overview view, and for Columns view of each parent folder’s Overview view:

In Columns view of these Overview views with Group by Source Folder enabled, we need them when hovering over the names of the Source Folder columns with names cut off by the width of the column.

It’s very important to have them in these Overview scenarios to take full advantage of the new “move items between grouped source folders” feature. If the full name of a Source Folder isn’t visible at the top of a column, it’s not always clear whether the item being moved is going into the intended folder. Especially since it’s not uncommon to have some folders where the first part of the title is similar and visible, but the second part of the title that is distinct is not visible because it’s cut off by the width of the column.



@micheal, @chrish, thanks, guys!

I find your suggestions on point. We have something similar in the new ‘folder settings’/creation panel when you hover over attributes.

I think we can implement a similar solution to other features, as well. :slight_smile: It’s in the suggestion log.

Thanks. Cheers!

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Thanks. Looking forward to it… we really need this!

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Yeah, tooltips basically need to be everywhere. I’m sure it will help with far fewer support emails, too. You could even include tooltips in the Customize feature that explains how the feature is used (e.g. drag items to sort). A toggle to turn tooltips on and off would be great, too. Like the Intercom toggle.




Just checking in about an ETA for tooltips… at a minimum we really need them for folder names in the Folder Structure Panel.

I know you all have a lot on your plate, but I’m hoping implementing the tooltips for folder names is light enough to get done soon.