Tooltips with cursor hover on long folder names in the folder structure panel

@Jovana, Making another request for this:

In the folder structure panel, folders with long names are cutoff when the panel is narrowed (which I often do on my laptop to increase the viewing area of a folder’s items). As it is now, only the names of folders with names short enough to do so, display in full when the folder structure panel is narrowed.

The tedium of needing to constantly expanding the folder structure panel just to see the full names of folders with long names, is significantly disruptive to work flow . The only workaround is to make every folders’ name short enough to display in full when the panel is narrow. This is limiting, impractical and doesn’t solve the problem.

This is a UX issue that I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned by more users. It’s possible that people who only - or mostly - work on desktop screens which are larger than a laptop’s screen don’t notice it. In any case, I’m sure there are many users who would appreciate and benefit from the increased functionality.

Tooltips have been effectively implemented for viewing long attribute names in folders’ Table Views, so I can’t imagine that from a coding standpoint they’re too difficult to execute. I’m hoping the fact that they haven’t been implemented in the folder structure panel is simply an oversight.

I posted it on then Public Roadmap. Fellow members, please go vote it up! Here’s the link:

I absolutely agree and just voted for that. Another workaround for now would be to put a number before the name. By using the folders you will know each one in a few weeks by heart.

If this would be quicker to implement infinity could also improve this by adding a key command for opening the folder sidebar. Then its size wouldn’t matter as you can close it in no time.

I don’t think it is an oversight as also the (long) text attribute does not have hover content / tooltips also.

There´s quite some UX stuff that needs to be addressed which will improve the workflow drastically.

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Thanks for the suggested workaround. It’s a good one, but unfortunately won’t work for me with the number of boards and folders I deal with.

The idea of a simple key command as a quick fix is excellent. I don’t know, but perhaps its easier to code than tooltips.

Hello @chrish, thank you for your suggestion. I will note it down as an internal suggestion.

I must say, however, we haven’t received many similar suggestions. Usually, when I’m working with longer folder names, I just expand the sidebar fully to see all my folders.

Perhaps it’s easy to do so I’ll leave it up to the dev team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. However, a search of “tooltips” here on the CF reveals multiple requests from different users to have them implemented in a number of very useful and necessary ways.

I think all but one of the tooltip posts predate the Public Roadmap and are from last year when @coa was moderating the CF, which is perhaps why the requests for them and follow up discussions about them have flown under your radar.

I - as evidenced by my participation in the tooltip CF posts - find them particularly useful because they’re practical in conveying information, save time and reduce work-flow tedium; as in the case of constantly needing to manually expand the sidebar just to see long folder names (especially on the laptop).

Perhaps the reason there hasn’t been a push for them in recent months is because users are understanding, adapt and are patient and willing to work with Infinity’s UX as is. I know I am. We know your a small team with a lot on your plate in the process of managing and developing the software while pursuing its grand vision.

Nevertheless, if tooltips aren’t that difficult and challenging to do, it’s one way you could get a lot of user-satisfaction, appreciation and bang for the efforts of your developmental buck.

In any case, please make a point of following up and give us an update here in the CF about what we can expect based on what the development team decides.