Tracking goals and habits


I have used a lot of apps when it comes to tracking goals and habits and the only one I would recommend or use is Strides. I strongly suggest looking at this app since it would greatly improve how you handle goals/habits. At the moment, I wouldn’t consider it usable and probably the weakest part of your feature set. Overall, love your app and truly want it to be amazing in every way. It has major potential.

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I’m curious to why you like strides in relation to infinity.

Saying “just check out the app” is too easy imo.



I think tracking golas/habits can be incorporated into Reporting (which is planned for 2020ish as faf as I remember).

I don’t think Infinity is the best app to track habits (I think mobile apps such as strides, Habitify or Way of Life are much better for this) bur I’d like to see an easy way to set and track goals in a more OKR fashion, e.g. where average of progress attribute from a Key Result is automatically displayed in aboard with all objectives.



Hey @davenelsonutah!

Thanks for the suggestion!

We possibly see a ListView as the best option for tracking habits for now, which definitely needs improvements and optimization. :slight_smile:

Taking Infinity on the road to becoming a great habit-tracking tool is something we’ve already done, and we’ll just continue to improve in the future. Maybe this template could be helpful.

@man I like that idea :slight_smile: And yeah, reporting is planned for 2020 :slight_smile: