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I am VERY new to this, just signed up today. I would like to create a tracker for safety training. I would like it to show what courses an employee has completed, what the ee needs to complete, and also when the certification expires, also if it isn’t too cumbersome I would like to be able to pull up their certifications- both by employee and by course. (sometimes I would need all of the certs an employee has, and sometimes I would need copies of all our CPR/FA certs for instance companywide) I created a folder called employees and have them all in there and assigned each department(s). What training they will need will be determined by their departments. I plan to then create a folder called courses and list all of the training we require and assign departments to them. Then I am at a loss on how best to tie it all together and ultimately get the list I want- or even if this is the best way to structure it. I figure before I got too far into the building I would seek help. Thank you!

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Hey @ap1,

What a great use case :slight_smile:

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Okay, so if you put all the data that you need to combine into a single folder, you can get an overview of them.

Right above the folder panel, you’ll notice a " [name of the board] Overview " button, which will create the master view to combine the data from all the folders.

However, for now, you still cannot combine data from multiple boards.

Hope this was helpful. :slight_smile: