Trello Integration and Import

Yeah Trello import was released. I’m very happy!

I used it today and off course as with every good feature with great potential,…“we want more, we want more”:

  • noticed that <CR/LF> or “paragraphs” are left out when importing “description” fields so I loose textlayout and the text is less readible. This is probably because the description field is a text field and not a “long text” field . Can this be resolved with options during import?
  • I would like to have the option to import a Trello board to an existing Infinity board as a folder of the infinity board (or the option to combine Inifity boards to folders in 1 other board. Offcourse there are many ways that lead to Rome)
  • I would like to have the ability to change the colors of the imported lables/tags

As for now: great job anyways! The Trello import will be a Killer Feature!

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Thanks @ton

This is the first version of Trello import. In the next 2 weeks, we will perfect it by a lot of UX/UI improvements and by adding Comments to Item comments.

All the options you mentioned will be added :slight_smile:

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First of all, great job on the Trello Import! My Trello cards are not that complicated, but at first look, the imported data seems pretty consistent.

Now, given one of the goals of Infinity to provide a flexible tool to visualize our tasks and data, I felt like, in my case, that I have no need to have separated boards and I could join all my items in a board and manipulate the views. However, probably like @ton, I couldn’t find any way to merge my Trello boards into one Infinity folder or anything similar.

@stefan already mentioned that this will be added, just wanna add my +1 on this :), thanks!


Hey Roberto,

currently we don’t have an option to import multiple boards in 1 board, but we’re going to work on this soon.

Also the option to move folders between Boards still doesn’t exist, but it is something we’re going to add in a near future.

We’ll notify you about the progress regarding this feature.



Is there any roadmap development to export to Trello?
I know this kind of seems like a step backwards, but if I could share to Trello, and convince others that the tool I use is better, I could still maintain data sync with those that are not yet on Infinity, but maintain presence on this site instead of having to migrate back, due to lack of support from others, it may be worth it…

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Hey @BaiJie!

There’s no coming back after you try Infinity :slight_smile:

Just kidding, haha! However, I think there’s no chance to do that…

However, if your team needs a little bit of motivation, feel free to show them the difference between the two tools in the separate tabs. I promise you, they’ll see the difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you’d like: Invite them over for a call with us. Everyone’s welcome to hop on the Demo! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your answer!

I started thinking about this after I left the forum, and I realized the structure would be nigh impossible going backwards to Trello… The reason why you can import from Trello is because it is simple. Infinity has more. :slight_smile:

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