Trello Integration Limit?

I’ve been using Trello for a while, since even before the desktop app, and I have some massive boards. While testing out the trello import, it never imports more than ~230 cards. It does get all the lists however. Is there a limit to the import amount or the amount of items per board?


Hey @Ogewan,

Thanks for taking the time to report your issue :slight_smile:

That might be the case, yes. I’ve just checked with one of our rockstar developers, there might be a limit to how many card could be imported from Trello to Infinity.

But this was our very first case of that :slight_smile:

We’ll work towards releasing a Trello import update which will allow you to transfer all the cards from a single Trello board to Infinity. I’ll update you more regarding that.

Best regards, and thanks again @Ogewan!