Tshirt Claim LTD

Hi, i already grab the lifetime deal. How can i claim exclusive infinity tshirt?

Hi @amirulresources. I believe that the team has mentioned that they will reach out about the shirt after the LTD is officially over. An email going out would make the most sense. :smile:

Don’t worry, a bunch of people are in the same boat as you, and I’m sure the team has not forgotten about that part of the deal.


Hey @amirulresources!

Thanks @veronica for the help!

That’s right: we’ll send the specific form to fill out with the t-shirt size, address, country (and so on) after the LTD ends, so we can have all the details. From there on, we’ll ship the shirts, and they should arrive in (tbh, I don’t know what timespan), probably 3-4 weeks :slight_smile:

Another question about the deal - is it possible to receive an invoice on the purchase?! The company I am working for purchased it, but needs an invoice for accounting.

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Hey, just make sure to leave us the email you’ve used to purchase the LTD, and we’ll send the Stripe receipt shortly after that :slight_smile:

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