Turn emails into tasks

I noticed a gmail addon for meistertask. Here’s the description of the addon. This could really help for those who have gmail/gsuite:

"MeisterTask for Gmail is a free add-on that connects your inbox with your MeisterTask account. Once you’ve installed and authorized the add-on, it appears in Gmail’s sidebar whenever you open an email.

To use the add-on, simply click on the MeisterTask icon. Choose which project and section the email should be added to, then click ‘Create Task’.

The subject line of the email will be turned into the task title, while the body of the email will be added to the task in the form of notes. You can modify both right inside the add-on if you like.

Your email instantly appears as a task in the project board you’ve chosen. To visit MeisterTask and edit the task further, click on ‘View Task’. This opens the task dialog, where you can add an assignee, due date, checklist items, tags and much more."


Hey @lokkom,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to suggest this feature and bring a detailed description. :slight_smile:

We’ve actually received suggestions to build this feature, and we really do see the value in it.

I’ve put it into the backlog, and I’m just waiting for the response from one of the devs to confirm is it going to be possible with Zapier or Native integrations.

Talk to you soon with another update :slight_smile:

I like the idea that has been raised here, this is something that Trello has implemented and it was a very useful feature. I would add that it would be good to include Microsoft products in this development as well. There are still a significant number of us out there that are using corporate Microsoft accounts. The more Infinity is able to connect to the Microsoft suite of products, the more likely it is that bigger corporates would be prepared to have a look at infinity as an option, at least that is my opinion for what its worth.

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Hey @dustine.dupreez :slight_smile:

Both turning emails into tasks and Microsoft integration is on the roadmap, and we’re confident to see it in Q1 2020.

By the end of this year, we’re planning:

• Gantt/Timeline view

• Advanced Permissions

• Public Boards

• Form view

• Moving boards to folders, folders to boards and folders to folders

• Attributes Modal/Sidebar UI improvement

• Adding a new item in a table (before/after rows)

And we’re also running a new LTD which will take extra dev power :slight_smile:

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Knowing that the features and optimizations backlog is huge, I had to find an interim solution to have this feature. The ability to easily collect information/tasks from the internet and email is THE most important feature for me with any productivity tool. The lack of this feature was the one thing preventing me from adopting infinity 100% into my workflow.

I went on a quest to solve the issue. I found something that works well for me and might help others here. I am using Zapier plus Trello (also will work with other told that have great webclippers and email integrations such as ClickUp, Evernote, and Todoist) to capture information from web pages and emails then automatically forward those to Infinity. It is not a long term solution as it will quickly drain my Zapier free tier but it works quite well.

Basically you setup an incoming card in Trello (Evernote notebook or tag, ClickUp card, Todoist folder) and set a zap that forwards any clip saved to that location to a paired location in Infinity. (I do have to setup multiple zaps for different workspaces or boards until there is a way to move items between these in Infinity.)

Since Trello, Evernote, ClickUp, and Todoist each have integrations with Gmail and Outlook and each have excellent webclippers, I am able to have this extremely important collect feature in Infinity by proxy.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before Infinity is about to make this an integrated feature but in the meantime this is an effective workaround.


@infinity.justs, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, and especially your thoughts on the workaround.

We are definitely going to focus on native integrations, most probably in the second quarter of 2020 and will look up to tools that have done an outstanding job doing it :slight_smile:


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I hope that you guys can find a good use out of this!

whats going on with this task??? still in backlog in the roadmap. other topics with a lot less voters are ready to be developed.

We need this feature!!