Typing Emojis is Super Annoying


Whenever I type something like, “Here is the ID:” I get a terrible little emoji man that replaces all of my typing.

I don’t like these things. Can we turn them off, or make them not so automatic?

They are a constant disruption to workflow.



Hi @BaiJie :wave:

Ah, we are aware of this, there are certain issues with our rich text editor in our “long text” attribute and comments section of each individual item, specifically - regarding emojis and some formatting issues. We do have tickets for that, our team is aware, however - it will take some time before it is addressed as we have a few other things that have a much higher priority.

I myself want to see this fixed and I’ll do my best to increase its importance so that we can push a bit more forward.



Mine doesn’t have to do with emoji, it does have to do with automatic formatting by the use of special characters that I don’t want to occur. In my case using an underscore ‘_’ character that is often in file names I reference in comments or the description cause the text between them to be shown in italics. So “My_File_With_Underscores.pdf” would be rendered with parts in italics and the underscores missing. Markdown and similar text formatting mechanisms provide some means to “escape” such constructs to allow that escaped portion to be rendered without being interpreted as rich text.



Hi @jim1 :wave:

Thank you for expanding on this issue regarding the rich text editor, I’ll make sure to ping our team again and see where we stand on this overall issue with emojis, underscore and overall the “rich text editor” feature that is in our comments and long text attribute.

Once again, thank you for reporting this to us, much appreciated :pray:



Perhaps a “turn off emojis” button, and a “turn off markdown” option?

Sometimes they are nice, sometimes they are a tad aggressive… haha

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Hi @BaiJie

I absolutely agree with you, in fact, I have already suggested toggle on and toggle off button for emojis and our team will definitely go through my suggestions and suggestions made by users via this form, so if you have something else to suggest as well, feel free to do that via the form linked above.

Cheers :beers: