Unable to Add/Edit Name in Columns view


When I add a new item through my Columns view, it won’t let me set the name - it just shows up with a read-only title of “Unnamed”:

This then adds an item with no name to the kanban board, which is pretty useless. If I click on that item to try and add the name, it again pulls up the form with a read-only title of “Unnamed”.

How can I set name while in Columns view (without resorting to changing the view type back and forth)?



Hi @afichtner :wave:

If item’s appear as unnamed - the usual suspect here is our “text” attribute. If you want your items / tasks to have names - you must use our “text” attribute and you need to set it as “primary” - so that the name from that specific attribute shows up (notifications, column view, calendar and other views as well).


I would suggest reaching out to us via chat - as it will be much easer for us to communicate and solve this specific issue that you are experiencing.

In order to contact us via live chat support, all you need to do is click on the chat bubble in the bottom right side of your screen and then send us a message - one of our customer support agents will be there to help you out! :muscle:

We are looking forward to your message @afichtner :pray:



Is it also possible to define a Formula attribute as “primary”? I would like to have my entries named by combining some other attributes.



Hey there @hpoul :wave:

Unfortunately no, the only attribute that can be set as a primary attribute is our “text” attribute.

That might change in the future, as we see the potential and how much people actually use our “formulas” for such purposes, as it is a great way to concatenate a few different text attributes (or other attributes) into one! :crossed_fingers: