Unable to download a folder


I am attempting to download one of my folders. It seems to process, I get a notification and an email that my download is ready, but nothing happens when I click the “Download” link. I have tried both Chrome, Edge, and Firefox - none of them work.



Hi @oijess :wave:

It would be the best to contact us via live chat support option for this matter, as we’ll be able to investigate the issue together with you almost instantly.

However, let’s investigate some basics here as well:

  • Would you be able to tell us how many items you have in that specific folder?
  • Would you be able to tell us how many attributes you have in that specific board (not folder)?
  • Would you be able to tell us if this happens with any other folder in that specific board?

If you get the “download” button and click on it, a new tab should open, sometimes it happens that your browser has some kind of firewall setup which blocks the new tab from opening and instantly downloading the file!

(the blocked icon would usually appear in the address bar, on the far right or left side of it), did you notice anything like that?

Also, have you checked your email, did you receive an email with the “download button”?
What happens if you try to download the CSV via email you’ve received?


Looking forward to hearing back from you @oijess :v: