Undated items as new task list


I’ve noticed that in Gantt and in Calendar, we can view the Undated items in a “side window”.
Sometimes it’s useful to create new items on the go, just to list tasks that need further info later. So having the hability to create undated items in this side windows while on those views would be really nice =)

Hey @Tayshiro,

I like the suggestion.

However, you can create new items in Gantt by simply clicking on a blank space.

And in Calendar, on a small plus (+) sign in the top right corner of the item.

We decided that it was maybe a more convenient option for now, but we’ll definitely discuss your suggestion to include it in the ‘Undated’ modal/sidebar, as well.


I know that it’s easier to create using gantt directly or calendar, but the thing is: when I’m creating a project, I usually remember other tasks that I need to create, even without a date yet, and this would be helpful. Or at least to have a “create item/task” regardless where you are in the app.

Something similar to the floating button on Clickup. That I can create notes, tasks or reminders.

(I’m currently trying to migrate to Infinity from Clickup, so some intuitive features seem missing for me. I don’t want to compare, just to suggest things that can ease my user experience)

Thank you for your reply!

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