Update: 15. May 2019


[UPDATE] Hey everyone, ready for some new things in Infinity? :mega:

You can now sort items. :1st_place_medal:

You can now transfer boards between workspaces. :2nd_place_medal:

You can now group by reference attribute. :3rd_place_medal:

Added two more date formats: 03/31/2019 and March 31st, 2019.

When you expand folders and the sub-folder system will remember.

You can now move items between grouped source folders.

Attachment preview now has arrows to navigate.

Columns attachment now have a max height for better visibility.

Calendar remembers the last viewed month.

Comment date grouping bug is fixed.

Board names on the dashboard don’t go in more than 2 rows.

New folder button is now fixed if scroll exists.

Scrollable columns drag and drop is faster and better.

You can now invite new members from the member attribute.

‘Include sub-folder’ toggle button is not buggy anymore.



Anyone having issue with scrollable columns? i can scroll thru the labels but cant scroll left to right thru the columns.

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Hey @zulhafizackcorps, we’ve also noticed the problem.

We’ll find some solution soon, until then you’ll need to drag the items in the empty space under the columns. Under the plus button for adding the new item.

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