Update new system wipes work in progress


There are frequent update messages prompting to Update - but after upload the work in progress doesn’t save in the Comments section and is lost.

Perhaps you should add a warning to finish work before hitting Update



Hey there @b2b :wave:

First of all, welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :partying_face::+1:

Was the comment posted before you clicked on the notification about “updating” the app or “refreshing” the app?

This usually happens to our users when they do not post their comments. If the comment is not posted it means that it never reached our servers and it never saved!

So if you want your comment to stick - you should always post it (you will be able to edit or remove the comment later on).

Hope that helps @b2b and thank you for your suggestion!



Yeah I know that - but what if I’m not finished posting (which I wasn’t) - pooof - all my work disappeared because I hit the new system upload message - so a warning message to let dumbos like me think twice about hitting the upload new system button



Hey @b2b :wave:

Completely understand that, maybe a small tooltip could be introduced somewhere in there! I’ll talk to the team and see if something like that could be implemented!

Cheers :+1: