Updates for August 2022

Hey guys!

We’ve prepared a few small but super sweet updates for you today.

Here’s what’s new:

#1 Automations | Send a Slack Message action :speech_balloon:

As a little surprise, we have added a new action to our Automations. You will now be able to use Automations to send a message to your Slack channels or DMs after the conditions you set in Infinity have been met.

Since this is not a full integration, keep in mind you will have to use webhooks to create automations with this action.

#2 Notifications | Mark as Unread :envelope_with_arrow:

You will now be able to ‘mark as unread’ the notifications you have previously clicked on. This way you will be able to easily come back to a notification when you’re ready to deal with it and never forget to address important alerts again.

#3 Notifications | Comment Reactions :bell:

With this update, you will now be able to receive notifications when a new reaction is added to a comment. Of course, you will be able to turn these notifications off or adjust where you receive them in Settings.

Hoping these updates will make using Infinity even more convenient! :hugs:

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