Urgent: nested groups in list/table


I NEED to group items in my list by MORE THAN ONE criteria.

I need to group by status, then by # field 1, then by date. The ability to apply multiple group-by-x criteria is critical for me.



Hey there @jeffhaskin1 :wave:

Thank you for your suggestion, it would be a very useful one not just for you but everyone. We already have it on our roadmap, click on this [link] (https://app.startinfinity.com/b/NT8hFqSBqwx/xgjYzqVcL1U/12b32f48-636b-49d2-8915-b3f0cfbce795?view=777bb5cd-39a0-4da6-9524-ff20f51b2829&t=attributes) and you’ll be able to vote for it. :v:

It’s in the backlog for now, however - it should move forward once we are done with the features we are currently developing. :crossed_fingers:

Maybe using our filters can help you a bit with that, of course it’s definitely not the same as grouping items by more than one criteria, but it can help you see the items that you need.