Urgent notification on boards

Hye, already try to seach on this topic, but didnt find one. Let say i have few workspace, and on my workspace, i have multiple boards, how to make sure on the boards, i can see some alarm icon or knowing urgent job need to be done without checking every damn single board to see which job requires to do first.

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Hey @zulhafizackcorps and welcome to our Community Forum!

I believe you’re talking about Notifications feature.

Whenever you’ve been assigned to an item or someone put a comment on an item you’re collaborating at (on any board), you’ll get a notification.

You can see the notification features in the top right hand of the corner, as a ‘bell’ icon.

Also, this video might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZegquPp7uDU

A little addition: We’ll include ‘Reminders’ as an upgrade to notifications in the following weeks :slight_smile:

Thanks for opening this topic!

Hye, thanks for you answer, i already know about the notification things. but still i would need to open the boards one by owe to see the notification thing, can you guys put it at the front broad? easier to see and notice


Displaying the notifications for each board in the Boards view is a great suggestion; we definitely need a central notifications view.

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Hey @zulhafizackcorps,

that is a terrific suggestion.

A couple of days ago, we discussed including the notification bell in the dashboard (where it is right now, on the top right hand of the screen, next to Invite and Share), but this is an awesome suggestion as well.

It’s in the suggestion queue, and hopefully, we’ll find and implement a solution ASAP. :slight_smile:

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