URL field only works with HTTP and HTTPS


URL fields aren’t flexible at all. As far as I could test, it only supports HTTP and HTTPS URL types. Allowing more freedom in this field’s validation would allow it to trigger actions instead of just opening webpages:

  • ftp:
  • smb:
  • zoomphonecall:
  • sip:
  • tel:
  • callto:
  • jabber:
  • ssh:
  • vnc:
  • anydesk:

The problem seems to be that in case Infinity detects an invalid URL, it tries to correct it by prefixing it with “http://”. Using ftp as an example, if user inserts “ftp://example.com”, Infinity assumes “http://ftp//example.com

A very easy way to fix this would be NOT adding the prefix “http://” if the user input contains “://”.
Another way would be allowing the administrator to define (by editing the field) if URLs should be validated or not.

Hi @andre.farinha :wave:

Thank you for this suggestion, I absolutely agree with you on this one- we should work on improving our link attribute and fix the prefix issue when it comes to other links / website that might have a different prefix! :+1:

Hopefully our team will be able to go through it, create it as a task and move forward with it in the near future!


Thanks @marko - hopefully the solution could work with URLs with any prefix? I’d personally love for this to work with upnote://x-callback-url/… & bear://x-callback-url/… links

You are most welcome @gordon :pray:

I created a general internal ticket for exactly this and I mentioned all the possibilities / prefixes from the list above - I am sure if they move forward with this they’ll find the additional ones - or create a general solution that should work with any prefix.

However - it will probably take some time before they move forward, as they do have other priorities right now!

Hope that helps :pray: