Usability Improvements on Column Boards

When clicking somewhere on the background of a columns board I expect the sidebar to close like in Trello an opened card closes when clicking next to it.

Also click-dragging on the background should allow you to scroll horizontally like in Trello.

Those two things seem like small things but I use them on such a regular basis that when that didn’t work in Infinity it really bugged me after 2 minutes.


Hey @maccesch!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, and sorry for the inconvenience caused! Although those are details, they still matter. :slight_smile:

We’re aware that Infinity has a few UX and usability issues and minor bugs. They should be fixed in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Thanks again for the feedback, @maccesch!


Any news on those two issues mentioned by @maccesch? Both things bother me too. If you work a lot with columns boards it gets pretty annoying and just takes much more time to fiddle around with the mouse.

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Hey guys,

@Micheco, @maccesch,

I’m sorry that this got delayed. I’ll do my best to push this as a suggestion/improvement, and hopefully, we can see it live (as it probably might be a quick thing to implement).

Cheers! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve just figured out that, since the newest modal update, by clicking away (anywhere on the screen), you’ll close the modal of the item.

We’ll try to implement the same to the (right) sidebar in a short matter.

Maybe switching to modal might be more convenient if this is something that’s crucial for you :slight_smile: