Use of Sub-folders

I’m starting Infinity to organize our show episodes, analytics, and as a database of info. I’m confused by the use of sub-folders. What is it’s purpose? Or the best use of it. It seems like another way to do organize, but I still want to know how it’s meant to be used as opposed to another tab view with a tag selected. For example:


  • Name of show
  • Name of second show

Or would I make each show its own folder?

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Hey @vivian,

I’m somehow missed your message, I’m so sorry!

Here’s more information about folders and subfolders:

In short, they allow you to classify your data the best way possible, not packing all the data in a single folder. And create some sub-categories in forms of subfolders under one ‘parent folder’. Later, an automatic ‘overview’ view/tab will be created in the parent folder to combine the data from all the subfolders under it + the parent folder :slight_smile: