User Management Issue

Hi Everyone,
I’m having an issue finding where we as admins can manage users in Infinity. For example we had a need to log into one of our users accounts this morning to test a feature as the user is currently in a different timezone and sleeping. However I couldn’t find anywhere where I could see a list of users and manage their profiles. Does such a place exist?

We can technically submit a change password request and log into their webmail to do it that way, but it would be better if we didn’t need to do this as it’s quite invasive.
And also long term it would be good if we can simply reset the password so if a user is fired/resigns we can quickly revoke access without having to take too many steps.


Hello @artem, thanks for the question.

So, when it comes to accessing other people’s accounts, I’m afraid this is not possible and probably it won’t be possible because it would open the door to major privacy issues. The only thing you can do is maybe have an arrangement with your team members to possibly give you their passwords so you can log in when you need to.

However, I’m not sure what you meant by ‘test a feature’, perhaps that could have been done without accessing someone else’s account? Could you elaborate a bit?

You can however change team settings if you are the owner of the workspace or an admin (but with required permissions given by the owner). If you do have those permissions, you can access the Members panel of the workspace where you can then change people’s roles, and of course, remove them from the workspace if they leave the company:


I hope that helps! :slight_smile: