Userback Integration

Please integrate with that was on Appsumo. A great tool used in getting feedback on website designs that we can add to cards/tasks. Clickup is going to have one, so would be nice have it in Infinity.


Hey, do you maybe know if Zapier supports Userback? :slight_smile:

We’re going to integrate with Zapier in 4-6 weeks, and if Userback is supported by Zapier, it’s done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks for response. Ofcourse make Zapier first, but even if Userback would have Zapier integration, nobody will ever use , since its collaboration tool, thousands feedback can be done in a week and that will result in big bills from Zapier. Currently Userback has integration with Trello I know and Clickup is coming. So when you get API, Zapier done, would love native integration. Thanks


This would be a great addition. Native integration would be great for this, but looks like Userback supports webhooks. So once Infinity webhooks are released, that’ll be about as good as a native integration with no extra costs.

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Great idea. But personally I am not good with web hooks =(.