Video Chat for Infinity?

Hi all,

I am very new to using Infinity. I came over from ClickUp. I also have Zoho Workspace. One thing I love about Zoho Workspace (although I currently have on one using it with me - long story there, hoooo-boy :grimacing: ) is that it has a built-in video chat that can be used with others IN your workspace. You can also call them for audio chat.

For me, as a disabled (physically) work from home mom of a special needs child who can repeat the same sentence for hours (echolalia) or days, this type of feature is fantastic. One of my contractors is also a work from home mom…of six kids. So she understands this.

We find ourselves relying on FB video (sketchy at best, IMO, for work related matters), we don’t care to pay for Zoom or keep restarting a meeting. I have Google Meeting because I pay for G-Suite. On her end (her internet) it tends to freeze up. We end up using SnapChat more than I’d like to admit.

Any chance that something like video chat within a workspace is coming?


Hi @lenoir.communication :wave:

Thank you so much for joining our community, we are stoked to see you here :pray:

Thank you for describing your situation in detail and your use case - this could greatly motivate us to implement something like this in the future.

Currently, we don’t have any plans on integrating video chat, but we do have suggestions from other users - and we would greatly appreciate it if you could upvote the suggestion made by our users as that will tell us how needed / wanted the feature (integration) is :+1:

Thank you for your joining us once again :pray:

Cheers :v:

I fully understand. :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time for reading and explaining why. I really do enjoy using Infinity.

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