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According to the Roadmap this feature has been released, but it does not appear to be at all.
In table view on the left-hand side on my table view, there are no selection options as shown in the roadmap picture or any way I can see to turn it on. Searching documents does not come up with any info either. On the road map card for View | Multiple Select there are a number of comments from people noticing the same.
Why state it is released when it clearly does not seem to be the case? Please can someone explain?


Hi Derrick,
honestly the picture you sent is very misleading. It implies that the checkbox is used to activate multiple select.
Multiple select is released, but you have to use the keyboard to activate it. Press the shift button and click on an item. Keep pressing shift and click on another item. Then all the items between the first and the second will be selected.
Using the CTRL (on Mac CMD) key, you can select individual items that do not have to be in a row.
I hope that this clears up how it works, if not let me know!

This screenshot is a little more clear:

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Thanks, I see it is working, just not how they implied by their own image on the roadmap.
Which has confused me and others.
Thanks for clearing it up.

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I didn’t figure this out myself as well. Thanks for pointing that out how it works.
So what can we actually do with multiple items selected?
Moving the items in the list obviously, but anything else of note?

Im still kind of hoping for an airtable like functionality: being able to move around in the list with the cursor keys, selecting multiple rows and pasting multiple rows somewhere else. being able to paste a few rows from an excel or notepad into infinity.


You can only copy item links and delete the items, which is really basic (also who needs multiple item links anyway?)

That would be really awesome.
The desktop app is at 90% progress, so I hope that the long awaited key commands will be possible there, which will probably open new doors to additional functionalities.

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