Viewing data does not match assigned order structure, same applies to data entry


Clicking + at the bottom of a column to add data is pretty normal and intuitive. Unfortunately the data structure bears no resemblance to the data order one has prescribed in “customize” or the field order on the table on the table.

The same applies just clicking on a task/item to view data. The fields are all over the place.

One thing I can say is that the customize structure is consistent, viewing is not.

The only way around it is to use a “Form” but this defeats the purpose of clicking “+”

This is very confusing and I cannot seem to fix it. Please see attached screen shots: Name of file refers to each issue.



Hello @birgli, thanks for the question and explanation of the problem.

This is a bit complicated but I’ll try to explain it.

In the item sidebar (expanded item), the attributes will be in the order in which you added them. But you can easily change that order by drag and drop - just click the attribute you want to move and drag it to its new place.

In the tabs, however, the attributes can take any order you want - and in different tabs, you can have a different order. For example, in my first tab I would need the assignee to be the first column, but in my second tab, I would need the Priority to be my first column. So it depends on your needs, and it’s not fixed. This is because each tab can function as a separate view and deciding on the order of fields in one tab, doesn’t necessarily mean you want it the same way in another tab.

Of course, you can also drag and drop your fields/attributes however you want to create the order you need.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Hi Jovana,

Thanks for the reply.

The side bar doesn’t match the order when using customise. It is always the order in which they were created. this does cause issues, particularly for data entry where one expects the fields to take on the order as per customisation.

It is a quirk, be good if it can be ironed out in future iterations.




Hi @birgli,

Yes, I was trying to explain this is how it’s supposed to work. As the sidebar of the item is always going to look the same, no matter where you open it, it’s the same item with the same order of the attributes.

However, each tab is a separate ‘view’ with a different setup. So we can’t really ‘fix’ the order of the attributes and say, it should always be the same for each tab, because the point of the tabs is to be flexible, and that’s why you can customize the order of the attributes in each tab separately.

Hope that clarifies it a bit.

Best regards!



Hi Jovana,

I guess what I am saying is that it would be good to be able to organise the attributes in the main table.

When getting the side bar, it always reflects the original order of creation. This means if I realise I need another column (or delete and add one), in the side bar it will always go to the end and does not reflect how I customize or sort things (in the main original table).

To be clear, when clicking on any item in a view, it is the side bar one sees in the original order (only showing the fields I have selected. So for data entry or change, a cell is not where I expect things to be.

Does this make sense?




Yes, I understand, thanks for explaining. I guess the main issue here is that there actually isn’t a ‘main table’ as you mention. Or, the system doesn’t see it that way.

There is a certain order in which attributes are generally displayed. I must say that this exceeds my technical knowledge, but I agree with you that there should be a more logical way of how the fields are ordered.

I’ll make sure to look into this a bit when I have some time and educate myself a bit more from the dev team to understand the logic behind the order. :slight_smile: