Week Number in Calendar

It would be nice to include week number in Calendar.

Not only be nice… it’s a must for every calendar.

What i miss:

  • Google calendar 2-way sync
  • Week number
  • Events with timeframe
  • Permanent sidebar with undated items.

Hi @ricardo :wave:

Great suggestion, it would be a great addition to our calendar view :+1:

You can also suggest it via this FORM so that other users can vote for it as well.

Creating a public suggestion will help us determine how important this is to our users.

Thank you.

Hi there @j0e :wave:

I would like to touch upon your requests as well and go through each one of those :slight_smile:

  1. Google calendar - we are waiting for the final confirmation from Google. We are so close to releasing it.

  2. Week number, I agree with you on this one, same as with @ricardo, it might be easy to implement, so I’ll make sure to forward this to our team and see if anything can be changed / done in the near future.

  3. Your events can have time frame, they just need to have 2 different date attributes. Start date and End date (as an example) and you will be able to see how long your task is going to take. In addition to that, you can also switch to our weekly view and get the “time” as well, so that you can see how much time your tasks are going to take, if you add “time filed” to your date attributes.

You can also adjust the time by dragging it:

(again, this can be possible if you have 2 date attributes, time field toggled on and while you are in a weekly or daily view)

  1. Not having a permanent sidebar is a design decision, users should be allowed to decide what they want to see - implementing the option to see it / not see it is a great way of solving that issue.

Hope this helps @j0e :v: