Weird rounding error with formula


The formula is: if(U > 0, $ * U, “”)
And the first row should be 213.3, but shows up as 213.29999




It seems to happen to most of the multiplicators in the row of three.



Hi @j11, good catch. It really seems to do a strange result that’s slightly off. I’ll report this to the dev team so they can take a look and fix it! :slight_smile:



And a follow up question… the results with the formula is in number format.
But it seems a formula column cannot have sum/average/min/max like a regular number attribute. Would it be addressed in future updates?



Hi @j11! My guess is that it will be addressed. I have reported it to the dev team.

The problem is that Formula can take several different formats - text and number (maybe even date in the future) - so that’s why it’s tricky to add the same Summary options as for the Number column. But I hope that our dev team will find a solution.

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I am having this same problem- I was hoping to use the “ROUND” or “ROUNDUP” formula as a workaround but I can’t see to get either of these to function…



Hello @robynlcowie, as I mentioned, we will probably work on this. You might have noticed that we recently added formatting to the formulas returning a date and number field, which is a step in the right direction. But our dev team will need to see whether they can easily add number field options for the Summary. I’m hoping so as well. :slight_smile: