What are you doing for graphs and visualizers?

I need line, bar, plot graphs, and pivot tables. Will this become available? What are other users doing to meet that need?


A table filled with entries of weekly body weights for multiple users. I want to be able to show an individual user’s progress over time as their weight goes down.

Supporting apis that van be used by Microsoft PowerBi would be great


Welcome to the community! You could use a folder’s Table view to create the example you mentioned.

Hi @jeffhaskin1, unfortunately Infinity doesn’t have reporting at the moment (graphs, bars and such). But, as @chrish, you can create a table view where you will list your users/clients and have columns perhaps for different time periods - Like January 2021, April 2021, July 2021, etc. And then you can track their progress in this table.

You can add other attributes and tabs with different views and customization to achieve many other interesting displays of that data, it’s basically up to your imagination. :slight_smile: